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2019 Cyber Security: Same or worse?

2019 Cyber Security: Same or worse?

Published by IT Web, DRS talks about the continuous growth of cyber attacks and what’s expected for 2019.

In this article, Managing Director of DRS MJ Strydom elaborates on the current global trending issues in the cybersecurity industry. He says that “through various hostile hits on automated technologies, the best years of system security may well be behind us”.


These issues are no longer only affecting large scale companies but small to medium business enterprises as well. Cyber attacks on larger business will always take precedent in the media headlines but the smaller business that established companies outsource may begin to find that having their own cybersecurity becomes a prerequisite for forming partnerships -due to the increasing problem of sensitive data leaks.

Speaking on cybercriminals vs cybersecurity, Strydom states that “as long as there is no clear stance on topics such as a cybersecurity privacy Bill, the status of virtual currencies as a means of trade, the responsibility for hardening vulnerable IOT (Internet of things) devices and the existence of fake identities, the tug-of-war game will continue with each side exploiting the vulnerabilities of the other”.

Full Article: https://www.itweb.co.za/content/PmxVE7KXLyQMQY85/DVgZeyvJzRvdjX9a

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