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Easing The Mobile Threat Defence Headache

Easing The Mobile Threat Defence Headache

Published by IT Web, DRS talks about Mobile Threat Defence and its importance for 2020 and the years to come. In this article, Managing Director of DRS, MJ Strydom, explains the innovative changes of an ever-digitalising world and the cyber security hurdles which come with them.

In the age of the borderless office, where personal and professional devices have merged, high tech security solutions are of absolute importance. With every new device comes a window for cyber criminals to infiltrate.

Strydom explains Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) and how it is a necessity to combat the ever-evolving threat of cyber-attacks, of which most businesses are unaware. Predications show 30% of organisations having MTD implemented by 2020, so it’s time to get on the bandwagon.

As Strydom warns, “in the absence of spectacular mobile breaches, low visibility of mobile attacks leads to continued low perception of mobile risk.”

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